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Welcome To Sam R.’s Charitable Foundation!

Scholarships For Our Students In:

Campbell County, Wyoming
Crook County, Wyoming
Johnson County, Wyoming
Weston County, Wyoming

Our Founder:

Sam R Ratcliff


log house

Strey Homestead cabin in Johnson County, Wyoming

Our Mission

About Us

Sam R. Ratcliff was an oil and gas broker (landman) in the Powder River Basin for fifty years. He always said he made his money in the Powder River Basin and that is where he would like his money to stay. The Sam R. Ratcliff Charitable Foundation, 501 (c) 3, was formed in 2002 for the purpose of furthering the education of high school graduating seniors. First Interstate Bank, Trust Department, handled the administration and money. The Foundation, through its evaluators, awarded a scholarship to deserving, graduating high school seniors from Campbell County, WY.

Sam did not believe that anyone should get a free ride; but, he was all in for helping. He believed in any kind of higher education, whether it was attending a trade school or reaching for a doctorate, and everything in between. 

The mission of the Sam R Ratcliff Charitable Foundation is to provide scholarships to qualified high school graduates from Campbell, Crook, Johnson, or Weston counties to attend technical or academic institutions.

Interested In Applying? We Are Here To Help You Succeed!

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Tips On Submitting A Scholarship Application

You want to make the best impression on the people reading your application. After reading so many scholarships, here are some tips that would have made my day go easier.
Follow instructions carefully
Sign where requested!! If not signed, they may be discard.
Make sure photocopies are clear and easy to read. After reading 100+ applications; blurry, unclear copies are likely to be just skimmed over. You want your application to be fully examined.
Make sure all paperwork is enclosed.
Don't double side print. Applications are stapled and it is hard to turn pages over when printed on the back.
Use no more than 2 school affiliated letters of recommendations and at least one community member recommendation. Some scholarships require a certain number, so follow their requirements; otherwise use only 2 school and 1 community is my suggestion. Make SURE they are signed by the writer.
Don't short cut scholarship names. If scholarship book or application says Joe D. Smith Educational Foundation Scholarship, use the whole name. They named it that for a reason, so use it.
Many of these are self-evident and picky; but, I want to make it easier for my evaluators to learn about you. These are just some tips to make the reading easier and easier equals happier. Happier readers will have more positive feelings about what they are reading, which is YOUR application!


Contact Us

To Wealth Management P.O. Box 3004 Gillette, Wyoming 82717